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Brili calms the chaos of daily routines with kids. Simply set a routine for mornings, bedtimes, and any other time of the day. Brili's dynamic timers, visual and audible activity prompts and motivating rewards quickly teach your child to stay on task and on time. Real-time monitoring keeps kids and parents connected.Experts know that structure and consistency set kids up for success. When kids have learning or behaviour challenges such as ADHD or autism spectrum disorders, it’s especially important. Brili makes it simple, fun, and most importantly, stress-free.
“Brili supports recognized best practices in parenting by giving families an easy-to-use framework for consistent, repeatable routines and giving children more ability to self-manage.” – Dr. Stephen Scott, Director, National Academy for Parenting Research
SET UP A ROUTINEUsing Parent Mode on your own device or on the child’s, parents set up custom routines to help their child through each part of their day, such as the steps to get ready for school. Brili syncs instantly across all devices.
BRING IT TO LIFEBrili displays kids' routines as a game in Kid Mode, showing them what's next, how much time they have left, and prompting them at the appropriate times to keep them on track. Parents can monitor in real time from a separate device, from anywhere.
ENJOY THE BENEFITSKids benefit from reassuring structure and consistency, while feeling great about their progress. Problem behaviours are lessened, and parents get to devote more positive attention to their kids.
=-=-=-Included Features-=-=-=
GUIDANCE FOR KIDS• 3 kids and 3 routines included, unlimited activities per routine• Visual timer for each activity;• Timeline shows the current activity in the context of the full routine;• Gentle audible and visual prompts keep kids on track;• Parents and kids receive a notification / alarm for when routines are scheduled to start, on their respective devices
LAUNCH AND GO• Brili remembers Kid Mode so kids don't need to log in after you sign them in the first time;• Automatically selects the correct routine for the time of day.• Run any routine any time
DYNAMIC SCHEDULINGDurations automatically adjust based on child's ability to complete them:• If tasks are taking longer than expected or start late, subsequent activity durations are dynamically recalculated to ensure all activities are completed by the desired end time.• Set routines to start or end by a specific time: if you specify the end time, Brili calculates the start time (and vice versa.)
REWARDS• Kids earn free time for completing activities more quickly than parents' estimate.• Parents set a star value for each activity;• Kids earn points for completing them;• Parents and kids redeem points together for mutually agreed-upon rewards.
CONFIGURATION• Morning, afternoon and bedtime routines come pre-configured• Routines and tasks are fully customizable by parents so they can be tailored to each kid’s individual needs ;• NEW: Set minimum time• Extensive library of activities;• Child-friendly activity icons included for each activity in library;• Upload activity images or use built-in camera;• Duplicate routines;• Set any duration for each activity.• Easily re-order activities within routines
And more:• All kids managed under one parent account • Real-time sync to unlimited devices, no other services required• No ads• Let your child use your device, a shared household device or their own device in Kid Mode.• Create recurring routines for different days of week• Great for parents too! Set a goal and save lost minutes you can use to reward yourself just like your kids.
=-=-=-Features Available with Brili Extra subscription=-=-=-• Visual analysis charting childrens' progress over time• Unlimited children• Unlimited routines• User-set 4-digit code to control access;• Voice prompts can be activated on a per-child basis;• Monitor multiple kids' progress simultaneously.